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Giving Yourself Permission

May 10, 2022
Giving Yourself Permission

As an entrepreneur who wants to scale, the general rule is to cut all expenses except the absolute necessary. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, and I know you’ll hear it again. Most startup company stories detail the founder slashing expenses; only hiring the absolutely necessary people around them, working 80+ hours a week themselves. Doing what they can to accrue minimal expenses for their business.


But I am going to make the point that when you seek out the very best team around you, you will have greater success. You are buying their knowledge and expertise from their own failures and mistakes. The clients that we witness having quick and extreme growth, surround themselves with the very best coaches and financial advisors from the start.


We recognize that, as a startup, you may not have a lot of free cashflow. The Launchpad Experience was once in that position as well. But with the money you do have, you need to consider the benefits of hiring the best people around you to help you learn from their experiences. It won’t take long before you start to see your return on investment.


Our top 5 highest growth clients hired us very shortly after they started. We were able to utilize our experience to help them grow and avoid certain financial mistakes that we see all the time. They are now in a much better position because they made that investment early on. They gave themselves permission to ask for help.


So, if you are a start-up business, give yourself permission to go out there and surround yourself with the best. Your business will thank you.