Ground Level

The "Ground Level" package is fundamental for every entrepreneur. Gain access to The LaunchPad Experience forum, the ability to join monthly Zoom calls between fellow entrepreneurs and a highly qualified & experienced accountant, and a checklist of must-haves for your business.

$49 monthly
$500 annually

  • Forum access
  • Monthly Live Events
  • Checklists
  • Digital Sticker

Anna's Story:

Anna had no knowledge on how to start or run a business. She was a single mother who worked a 9-5 in order to provide for her children but was much more gifted than her job was giving her credit for. She wanted her talent to be appreciated for what it was, while showing her kids that it is possible to create your own success. When her hours were cut, she realized she had no other choice than to find a way to make ends meet on her own. Anna was hesitant about the risk involved in operating a business, but knew that was what she had to do for her family. She had always thought that starting a business cost a large amount of money - of which she did not have. 


After finding the Launchpad community, she realized how easy it can be to start a business when you have the right support and guidance. Our forum of entrepreneurs were able to answer start-up questions she had and help ease her fears. She also learned that it doesn’t take a huge amount of money to ignite your blaze; 33% of small businesses start up with less than $5,000! Anna worked with The Launchpad Experience’s highly qualified mentors to build out a service that could support her and her family. Her confidence grew alongside her business, launching her into the role of entrepreneur and small business owner.

Anna loves being an entrepreneur now and says it is one of the greatest decisions she has ever made. Not only can she support her family, but she is doing something she is truly passionate about. She is excited to see where this takes her and will continue to keep gliding through the atmosphere toward her destiny.

We help you right from the beginning in developing the business you’ve always envisioned having. At The Launchpad Experience, our goal is to help launch your business into the atmosphere so you can glide through the clouds to your destiny.

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