The "Lift-Off' package is for serious entrepreneurs willing to develop their businesses beyond the status quo. You will have access to everything in the "Ground Level" and "Ignition" packages, along with immediate assistance from a highly qualified & experienced accountant when needed and 1 individualized Zoom call per quarter with an accountant to offer coaching advice and tips for your business.

$500 monthly
$5,000 annually

  • Forum Access
  • Monthly Live Events
  • Checklists
  • Digital Sticker
  • Access to Additional Instructional Videos
  • 1-Hour Quarterly Zoom Call with an Accountant
  • Annual Financial Assessment
  • Email Support

Bryan & Daniel's Story:

Daniel, a marketing major, and Bryan, a computer science major, were college roommates. Within weeks of moving into their dorm, they had come up with dozens of business venture ideas and by the end of their first semester, they were ready to test the entrepreneur waters. Their first product launch did not go as planned - they quickly learned they needed mentors to guide them in their journey. 


While Daniel knew marketing techniques and Bryan was hands-on with the product, they could not figure out how to navigate the back-end of entrepreneurship. How do they register their business? Will this affect their taxes and if so, how? Does this mean they get to keep all of the money they get? Lucky for them, The Launchpad Experience guided them through those questions and many more.


Knowing they had plans to ignite their spark even bigger than before, they signed up for our Lift Off Package. This gave them peace of mind through monthly phone calls with our highly-qualified Mentors, forum access, and the many other features available with TLE packages. 

Their second round of product launch went extraordinarily well. After a social media post advertising their product went viral, Bryan and Daniel’s lives changed right in front of their eyes. In less than a year, they went from college roommates to incredibly accomplished business partners. The same thing is possible for you and your ideas. All it takes is a spark to ignite a blaze and you can launch your business idea into the atmosphere, creating a life of freedom you have always desired.

Not sure where to start? TLE is here to mentor you through your journey as an entrepreneur. We stick with you every step of the way to make sure you feel confident, even when obstacles arise. At The Launchpad Experience, our goal is to help launch your business into the atmosphere so you can glide through the clouds to your destiny.

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