Meet the Team

The Launchpad Experience is a community of entrepreneurs guided by CPAs tackling all financial pain points -- accounting, tax, regulatory, etc. -- freeing the entrepreneur to ignite their business into the atmosphere. Too often an entrepreneur’s spark fizzles out under the stress of uncertainty and lack of knowledge. TLE gives the entrepreneur the tools necessary to launch their creative idea -- their rocket! With TLE’s easy-to-use format, ever-expanding resources, and countless years of tax & financial expertise at the entrepreneur’s disposal, it will be no time at all before that rocket is gliding through the clouds. TLE helps guide the entrepreneur to their destiny.

Ron Parisi, CPA, JD – Managing Member

Ron is dedicated to utilizing his 25+ years of accounting and tax experience to assist other entrepreneurs. Ron's accounting and business insights have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Accounting Today and other national publications. As a senior executive, he built a multi-million dollar, national book of business based on his accounting and tax expertise and its relationship to modern business landscapes and risks. 

Ron provides his expertise in a relaxed, plain-spoken and useful manner. Ron doesn't speak in technical, accounting/tax jargon to impress. Rather, his aim is for the client to learn what they need to run their business as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Christy Glover, CPA - Launchpad Mentor 

Christy is a Certified Public Accountant with 20+ years of tax and accounting experience. Prior to joining The Launchpad Experience, Christy worked for a large, regional accounting firm where she provided accounting, tax compliance, and tax planning services for individuals and closely-held businesses. Christy is skilled at providing strategic insights that help businesses accomplish their goals.

Mikayla Rupke - Marketing Coordinator 

Mikayla handles a large portion of our marketing efforts as The Launchpad Experience’s Marketing Coordinator. You might see her interacting with members in our forum, writing blogs for our website, or sending out our weekly newsletter. She also runs our social media accounts - so feel free to say hi to her when you give us a follow!

Amber Druckenmiller - Admin Manager 

Amber wears many hats within The Launchpad Experience company. She brings years of experience in helping operations run smoothly and efficiently. Amber is an expert in the backend administrative side of Launchpad, so you might not see her too often, but she will be hard at work making sure everything runs great!