The "Ignition" package is where you decide you are taking your business to the next level. In addition to all the featured items in the "Ground Level" package, you will also receive access to multiple informational and instructional videos and have the ability to ask a highly qualified & experienced accountant 1 question and automatically get an answer at no extra charge.

$147 monthly
$1,500 annually

  • Forum Access
  • Monthly Live Events
  • Checklists
  • Digital Sticker
  • Access to Multiple Instructional Videos
  • 1-Question per Month to an Accountant
  • 1-Hour Annual Zoom Call with an Accountant

Makenna's Story:

Makenna knew she wanted to make a difference but wasn’t sure what that looked like in her life. She had spent her early 20’s bouncing fr m job to job, not feeling fulfilled or utilized to her fullest capacity at any of them. Living by herself in a big city, she didn’t have many options that allowed her the freedom to discover who she was. On her 25th birthday, Makenna made a promise to herself to spend the year finding a career that set her soul on fire.

It wasn’t long before she discovered her desire to work for herself. But she had no idea where to begin, let alone how to make it work in the long run. She was incredibly creative and had a background in digital content creation. How could she turn that spark into a blaze? After talking to a friend who also took the jump into entrepreneurship with The Launchpad Experience, Makenna signed up for our Ignition Package. She was able to chat with other entrepreneurs in our forum and get help from our highly-qualified Mentors. As her ideas grew, so did her confidence. She hit her 26th birthday as a business owner, growing her business exponentially.

Now, Makenna has a thriving company, providing her innovative services to some of the top corporations in the country. She credits The Launchpad Experience with giving her the push she needed to live out her dream: “Without TLE, I would not have taken that first step in starting my company and would have never experienced the personal and professional growth I now possess.” 

The idea of entrepreneurship can be intimidating - we get that. We stick with you every step of the way to make sure you feel confident no matter what obstacles come your way. At The Launchpad Experience, our goal is to help launch your business into the atmosphere so you can glide through the clouds to your destiny.

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